I’ve now seen the first four episodes, and I am hooked. It’s so good, you guys.

If I wasn’t expected in three different courts tomorrow, I’d take the day off and binge watch it.

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One thought on “Discovery

  1. Savor it. (no need to rush)

    Then, of course, watch the first series of Short Treks. Then Season 2. Second Season of Short Treks. Picard (it’s relevant) and then you’ll be all prepped for Season 3.

    I really thought it was going to be a failed experiment when they 1) put it on All Access and 2) kept firing all the showrunners… that’s an ongoing problem which should have killed it by now…. but it’s one of my favorites, I have to say. I love Trek generally, but there are background players that I’m more interested in than some of the bridge crew of Enterprise NX-01.

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