Social Distancing

I’m trying not to freak out about the virus, but I’m also not taking any chances. I have enough problems. Plus, we all need to do our part to slow the spread. From what I can tell, a lot of people aren’t taking it very seriously, unfortunately. Sigh.

We were supposed to go to a friend’s house this afternoon to start our D&D YouTube campaign, but we decided to appear by Skype instead. (I wasn’t feeling very well or social anyway so it worked out).

You’ve gotta love technology.

Jackson was supposed to have a sleepover tonight with two friends, but I didn’t feel comfortable with that, so I told him no. He was pretty upset, and I get it, because he’s been looking forward to it all week, but I explained why it’s so important, which helped. I’m disappointed that the other parents are moving forward with the sleepover. Seems irresponsible, but I can only control myself.

One silver lining of staying home is that this project is going to be finished this afternoon:

It looks so good.

Most court is cancelled this week, with the exception of two dockets. My lawyer friend is going to cover one for me, because she doesn’t want my immune compromised ass in the germy af courthouse, which I greatly appreciate, and she’s already going to be there. I’m hoping to get the other continued. I’m also planning on canceling three other outings I had scheduled this week.

I guess I have plenty of time for reading, cleaning, and exercise now, huh? Oh and Discovery, because god-motherfucking-damn that shit is good. I also think I’m going to go ahead and get Disney Plus.

Okay bye for now.

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  1. god-motherfucking-damn-that-shit-is-good is the appropriate response.

    Also, Get Disney. It’s silly, but also, Mando plus Clone Wars final season plus all the silly Disney movies that are problematic now but were a part of our childhoods… so, yeah… get it all.

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