it’s driving me crazy

Why does my ex call me ALL THE FUCKING TIME?

What can’t he catch a fucking hint?

I don’t answer the phone initially, but he just calls over and over and over until I’m finally like OMFG fine…WHAT????

It is almost never anything important. And he starts the conversation with, “We need to talk,” which makes my fucking blood boil. No, we do not need to talk. You just want to talk.

It’s annoying as fuck, and it makes my husband super ragey, which I totally understand. If Karen was calling D all the fucking time just to talk about stupid shit, I would also be pissed. G thinks every little thing that comes up is worthy of a 45 minute phone conversation. He just loves hearing himself talk. In fact, I’ve met few people more in love with the sound of their own fucking voice.

And, honestly, with everything going on in the world, and in my personal life, I am not even a little bit interested in hearing all of his “woe is me yet i’m the hero America needs” bullshit.

This ends my divorce rant. Thank you for reading.


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