surreal af

This entire situation feels so fucking weird. Is this even real life? 2020 has been a real shit show so far.

I drove into the office this morning, during peak traffic time, and the highways/roads were mostly empty.

At the office, all kinds of people were just walking in for shit, which I found strange. Hello, do you not watch/read the news, bro? This is not a good time to conduct business in person that can be handled over the phone. We ended up locking the door and putting a sign up. I did a bit of work, packed up a bunch of stuff I needed, and headed home, where I now sit in my study. I have an afternoon of phone consultations ahead of me, as well as miscellaneous paperwork. Eventually, D and I have to venture out to the grocery store. We need to stock up.

While at the office, I took a package of toilet paper since we are running low, and I have no idea when I’ll be able to get more. We’ve stopped using our paper towels/napkins too – just in case. We are using cloth towels and cloth napkins – which maybe we should get into the habit of using anyway since it’s better for the environment.

I spoke to Naarah and JN and canceled our plans. Gotta text A&R next.

I’m already tired of being cooped up in the house. It’s going to be a long three weeks (and maybe more).

In other news this week: I have my radiation oncology appointment on Wednesday, and my medical oncology appointment on Friday. I’m getting nervous about starting treatment; especially in light of everything that is going on.

More later. I have work to do.

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  1. Everything is surreal right now. Tom Hanks, Idris Elba, and Rep. Katie Hill – all in quarantine with the RonaBarrett and I’m planning my day tomorrow around steam cleaning the carpet and changing out one of the monthly air freshener cartridges.

    Today was bake a meat pie from a Britain’s Best Home Cook Series 2 recipe that I saw from an Asian-NorthernIreland cook called Suzie. So, yeah… things have been less strange at some points in my past.

    Folks are discovering that Home Schooling is not at all what they thought it would be, and Empty Nesters with suddenly full nests who can’t send their college age kids out to work or school are contemplating legitimate murder and calculating the odds that anyone would 1) notice or 2) prosecute in the current climate.

    Surreal af.

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