all marked up

For radiation.

(In an attempt to be transparent on this cancer journey, I share the following pic, which is not flattering. However, I’ve noticed that my breast cancer related tags get searched a lot, and not just recently – it has been this way since 2012. I want to give as much info as I can, and keep it real with all the ladies (and men) who may be looking for an insider perspective into breast cancer. xoxo)


No tattoos necessary this time, because Dr. Z says we should only need the one treatment. So one zap and that’s that. The idea is that it will kill the cancer in that one spot, thereby providing pain relief. I’ll get zapped on Monday at 5 pm. Now I just have to keep these marks visible until then. It’s hard to tell in the pic, but they are covered by medical tape. I guess I won’t be having any baths this week/weekend. Showers only/no scrubbing.

I also asked for some insight into why we don’t just radiate all of them. He explained that we are only using radiation to provide pain relief. We need to leave the others so that we can (1) limit the amount of radiation in my body (and save it for later use if necessary), and (2) we need the other tumors to remain untouched so that we have a way to tell if the new treatment is working. That all made perfect sense, and made me feel better.

I’m getting nervous about starting treatment on Friday. For the most part, I still feel pretty good, and I’m worried the side effects from these meds are going to ruin that.

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