Quarantine: Friday – Day 13

That means it’s Friday the 13th – kind of. Ha.

Anyhoo – another day into this mess. When will people start taking it seriously? I drove to pick up the kids today (from the other parents’ houses) and saw so many people out and about just hanging out like no big deal. I passed Faust Park and the playground was packed. I DON’T UNDERSTAND.

I hate people.

The bk court has decided to resume 341 hearings as of April 6th – but they are doing them all via telephone. This is going to be a fucking shit show. A colleague/friend was telling me that the court would prefer for us to have our clients come to our office to do this and I was like LOL NOPE. I’m not dying so that someone can get a bankruptcy discharge. Fuck all of that bullshit. Everyone can call in separately, and when it is a total shit show, they can fucking deal with it. It is what it is. It’s not like it isn’t within their power to continue these hearings for another month. It isn’t going to hurt anything/anyone.

The court has also asked that we use a landline phone, which I don’t have at home, and I’m sure as fuck not driving 45 minutes to use the one at my office. I don’t give a single fuck. Who has a landline at home anymore? Ffs.

Ugh whatever.

I’m ready to make steaks, drink wine, and chill.


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  1. Yeah, the … “Here, this is my compromise position” depends on the folks involved living in something resembling the same idiom. You know, sure… we can hold a session… via Teletype. Why not? Just get your teletype ready and we’ll synchronize our watches at… 3… 2… no wait… start that over at… 3… 2… .

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