patience has run thin (for everyone i think)

All of my interactions today with potential new clients were fairly terrible. I get that we are living in strange and stressful times right now, but yelling at me because you don’t like the bankruptcy laws is super unproductive; especially considering I DIDN’T FUCKING WRITE THEM. Talk to your representatives, bitch. Oh wait – I bet you didn’t even vote.

Bite me.

Oh and then there was the old lady who set up an appointment for this morning. So I called her and introduced myself, to which she responded, “How can I help you?” Bitch, how the fuck can I help you? I didn’t make this appointment. You did. I don’t need help. Then she bitched at me because she doesn’t like talking on the phone. Me either, ho. I’m so fucking sorry I can’t snap my fucking fingers and stop the fucking pandemic for you. How inconvenient.

Jesus fucking Christ almighty.

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