here I go blogging again

I wish there was a way to hide all the Tiger King memes from my timeline. I’m not hating on anyone – just sick of seeing it EVERYWHERE.

Oh well. Keep scrolling, bitch.

I’m being used as a cat bed currently:

And it was awesome for a while, but one of them keeps farting, and God damn it’s awful.

I still feel terrible btw. I had to cancel all my fun Skype dates for the day. Sad face. But I can’t be social right now.

I do feel better for getting in a bit of work this afternoon. Now I feel like I deserve to relax.

This is me in my home office: faking it til I make it.

That’s my favorite calculator. I can’t function without it. D makes fun of it and says it’s not a real calculator. Lol.

I went and got the kids today, while D handled the shopping we’ve been putting off. Here’s what $300 looks like:

And that doesn’t even include alcohol. šŸ˜³

I cannot watch TV for a while. My plan for tonight is to walk (if my body will allow it), take a bubble bath, and read until I pass out.

I’ve been having to take a Xanax every night, along with my Trazadone, in order to calm down enough to sleep. We’ve also started listening to soothing outdoor sounds on an app D bought.

D sent me this today and it made me lol for real.

It’s taco night. My favorite. D also got me low carb Breyer’s vanilla ice cream, and a selection of mug cake mixes, so he’s the real hero.

It’s Day 18 of self-quarantine for us. Yep…I’m going to count down every single day. šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø 18 days down…two months to go??

Okay bye.

Stay sexy. Don’t get murdered.

(I’ve been listening to My Favorite Murder again)


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