OMG WHAT?!?!?!

Fan girl alert:

I just realized (by way of The Bloggess) that Judy Blume runs my favorite bookstore in Key West, and that I unknowingly interacted with her one of the times I was shopping there. HOLY SHIT I FUCKING LOVE HER. I adore all of her books, but Are You There God, It’s Me, Margaret is one of my favorite books. Squeeeeeee!!!

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  1. Jenny was hoping to open Nowhere Bookshop (in San Antonio) this month… a big mess of a timing, of course. But, I joined her Bookclub to help support them until I can belly up to the bar.

    • I’m hoping to be able to visit when it does finally open. I thought about joining the book club, but I’m weird about other people choosing what I read. It’s why I’m always a book club failure. 😆

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