a bunch of nothing

There isn’t much to report.

This is Day 23 for us.

It’s nice outside, so we’re going to hang out on the deck and grill some burgers.

We’re going to try not to drink. We’ve been naughty.

I ran a few miles this morning, but plan to walk a few more tonight. Might as well take advantage of the good weather. Also – I feel the chub coming on, so I need to get ahead of that.

We cleaned for a bit yesterday. It was good to have a project.

I need to dye my hair (I have a box of dye), but it’s a whole fucking ordeal, and I’m not sure I’m feeling it right now.

Today, for the first time in years, I didn’t dry my hair after I washed it. It’s…interesting. Very wavy.

It’s a little after six pm, and I’m sick of working, so I’m going to go read for a bit.



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  1. I say let it all … I mean, ALLLL… go natural. Fuck the virus, the politics, the world… just let it hang free… as it were. Hair… fuck. Nails, whatevs… just let it be. Wavy gravy, multicolor and all… 🙂

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