Meanwhile, at the office…

This shit is getting to be too much. Last month, they found a dead body in front of the office. Hookers use our parking lot as a fuck site, and leave used condoms laying around. There are lots of muggings, random assaults, hit and runs, and various other crimes in the area – even in broad daylight. It seems to be on the rise. We often have random people walk in off the street and ask for handouts. Unfortunately, we have a little over a year left on the lease. My plan is to eventually relocate the office much closer to where I live. I’ll lose some clients over it, but I don’t really give a fuck.

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4 thoughts on “Meanwhile, at the office…

  1. Wow. That sounds like a completely different neighborhood than my block. I’ll be sad when you leave the city.

    • It’s gotten increasingly worse over the last year. It makes me sad, because I do love the area.

  2. I love the City, but, you know, you end up with certain realities. Bikes cannot exist outside overnight. Sometimes your car will get set on fire because of mistaken identity. Buses run at all hours. But, I mean, drive-bys not so much… that’s a bit tougher.

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