allow me to be political for a moment

It is super disappointing, but not at all surprising, to see Bernie supporters saying they may not vote at all in November now that he has dropped out of the race.

I am not a Bernie fan, but I absolutely planned to vote for him in November if he was the pick. I’d vote for my fucking dog if it meant getting Trump out of office, and if you cannot get it together to vote for Biden, then you are a huge part of the problem with this country.

You have several months to feel your feels, and then you need to shove it down with brown, get your ass to the polls, and vote for Biden.

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5 thoughts on “allow me to be political for a moment

  1. If these Bernie bros are the reason Trump becomes a two term president I may steal a page from their book and insist that anyone that didn’t vote for Biden because they were butt hurt about Bernie just do me the favor of defriending me.

    • lol
      They will come up with some reason why it isn’t the same. A lot of them are saying that Biden is the same as Trump, which *head explosion*

      • The won’t vote for Biden crowd enrage me. I’ve literally, in my entire longass life, never voted for a primary candidate who went on to win the general. I suck it up and vote in November though, every goddamned time. Doing otherwise is an act of insanity.

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