The morning hours

I thought it was Thursday when I woke up this morning. Lol.

Treadmill selfie:

What I read while on the treadmill. (Reading on the treadmill is my new thing).

My favorite poem in that collection:

The ootd photoshoot:

But then I got cold, so I put on my Rent hoodie:

I hung with Freya and the cats while we waited on her mom to pick her up. She came really early today. I’m sure she’s probably lonely after spending a weekend in isolation.

In that last pic, Frey is wearing my old flannel (and my Golden Girls tee, but you can’t see it). I love having a daughter. ❤️

Not pictured: a staff Skype meeting, various phone calls with clients.

And now:

Lunch break.

More later. Maybe.

Signing off at 11:50 am.

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