More routines –

After each appointment, I usually drink a glass of water, and take a walk around the main level of the house. I’d prefer to walk outside, but it has been too chilly. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to do some outside walks during lunch next week.

Usually, while doing my laps around the house, I can hear my husband on video chats with his staff. They can get quite heated!

After work, we typically meet around 5:30 pm in the living room for a short happy hour. Then we make dinner. After dinner, we walk the dog – usually around 2 miles. Then we either watch tv together or we go off to do our own things. When we part ways, he normally goes into his study to play a computer game, and I typically go off to my reading nook.

The weekends are even starting to fall into a routine. On Fridays, we maintain our normal Friday night dinner date schedule. We cook, drink, and listen to DMB. This is usually followed by a movie. Saturday nights have turned into Skype party nights. This is the first Saturday where we don’t have something scheduled already. (I have a plan for how to do a virtual wine tasting, but that is going to take some extra work to coordinate). Sundays are usually quite chill (and boring tbh), but this Sunday D and I are planning to do our beer festival. Once the weather improves, we have plans to hang out on the deck. Maybe do a little at home winery day.

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