Quarantine Routine

Greetings from day 32.

On weekdays, my alarm is set for 7:30. I usually stay in bed until 8, and then immediately hit the treadmill.

Today I had a workout buddy:

She basically follows me around the house all day.

After my workout, I shower and dress. I normally try to dress up because I’ve found it helps me feel less depressed and more in control. I need that illusion of normalcy.

Today’s ootd:

Bonus Bizzy shot.

This was followed by my daily morning Skype meeting with the staff.

This morning was a bit more exciting than usual because:

The weed fairy made a drop off.

And I got to Skype with Carrie for almost an hour. ❤️❤️

Then it was lunchtime, and now it’s one and I’m supposed to do a phone consultation. Bye!!

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  1. I managed to get out for a workout this morning – a run with Miss 15. Our cats only follow me around when they are hungry 🙂

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