Singing From The Windows

Is the song that Dave Matthews wrote about what’s happening currently in the world with the virus/quarantine. He sang it at the concert that was streamed a few weeks back – where he played at his house. It’s a fucking beautiful song. It’s playing right now on DMB Radio, and I am having to fight back tears. He is such a beautiful person. I’m so fucking bummed that the tour is going to get canceled, like there are no words. I know it seems silly, but this band means so much to me, and all I can hope is that I will get a chance to see them again in my lifetime.

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2 thoughts on “Singing From The Windows

  1. Friday morning truth – I’ve never heard anything by the Dave Matthews Band. I might have to look them up on Spotify. p.s. have you watched the TV series “Roadies”, by Cameron Crowe? It’s all sorts of wonderful.

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