oncology update (1 month into treatment for mets)

Saw the oncologist today, got my final loading dose of Faslodex, and did more bloodwork. So much bloodwork. haha

My blood counts are low, which was expected, but not so low that I can’t continue with the Ibrance. I needed a white blood count of at least 1000, and mine is at 2400. I expect it will go down a bit further the more cycles I do, but so far so good.

After today’s injections, I’m now finished with the biweekly loading doses of Faslodex, and can now start going in once per month. Woot! Getting stabbed in both ass cheeks every two weeks is no bueno.

Two more months until we scan again and see how the cancer is responding. He did say that we only do bone scans every six months though, because the most important thing is to see what’s happening in the brain, lungs, and liver. Hopefully they stay clean. Scanxiety every three months is my new reality. Sigh.

I start round two of Ibrance tomorrow night. The schedule is 3 weeks on and 1 week off. That gives the white blood cells a chance to recover.

Oh and I need to find a dentist to see me, so I can start the Zometa (bone strengthener). You have to get cleared by a dentist first, because Zometa can cause holes to form in your jaw if you have dental problems. It’s going to be hard to get this done with every place closed due to Covid.

My ass is sore. lol.

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