virtual court

It’s weird. I miss being in the room, but I like not having to drive all the way downtown, park, and do all of that bullshit. Oh and honestly, I don’t miss having to be face to face with (most of) my clients.

For the confirmation dockets, when the bailiff says, “Please rise,” I totally still stand up, even though nobody can see me. Haha.

I have a 341 hearing docket this afternoon, that I’m sort of dreading. A couple of friends are on the morning docket, and they say it’s a shit show. For whatever reason, people seem to struggle with following the phone directions, like call in at the appropriate time or muting their phones. It’s going to be a long afternoon. The good news is that D is going to pick us up some lunch from Petrichor (our local brewery), and I am pumped about that. Maybe I’ll have a beer during the hearing? Yessssssss. #quarantineperks


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