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It’s Saturday. Yay.

I slept until 10:30 today. I was up a lot of the night, but I guess I finally fell asleep hard. I spent like four hours awake and playing Candy Crush. I treated myself to six hours of infinite lives. Passed many levels.

Yesterday was weird. Treatment days normally are. It hit me particularly hard this time though, and I’m still feeling a bit off. We did do our normal Friday night dinner date though.

You can tell I feel bad, but I wanted a pic anyway. I’m not going to shy away from taking pics with him. Not now. Not anymore. (I haven’t washed my hair in four days or put on fresh makeup on three. That’s going to change today. Lol)

After dinner, we walked.

It was fucking cold. 2.5 miles with the doggo.

Our plans for today include:

  • Exercise (D says he will do 30 Day Shred with me, and then we will run).
  • We’re driving down to the city so that I can swap some stuff out at the office.
  • Then we’re picking up supplies at the liquor store for tomorrow’s beer fest.
  • I also need to go to CVS to pick up my prescriptions as well as some other stuff I need.

I made a mask out of leggings that D has been using. I need to make a second one for myself. I ordered some masks from Etsy last night, but I need something for going out today obviously.

I’m going to write some cards to friends, as I mentioned in my previous post. A little bit of happiness.

I have many messages/emails/texts to which I need to respond.

I also want to give myself a mani/pedi.

I guess I should get moving. The day is already slipping away from me.


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