sunday 7: quarantine day 36

  1. My entire body is sore. Yesterday, I did a 30 Day Shred (with the husband…yay) and then a 2 mile run/walk. Later that night, we did a 3.5 mile brisk walk around the neighborhood. I got in over 20k steps yesterday, and I was already sore. My legs and ass are particularly bad. BUT – even I can see that my ass is looking mighty fine nowadays. Seriously though – have I mentioned that my legs hurt?
  2. Today is the day! RiekAlt Beer Festival will take place this afternoon. Yesterday, we purchased 12 single cans/bottles of various IPAs at Friar Tuck. We plan to split one beer per room. We won’t drink all 12 – we aren’t that bad. We will probably do around six. The rooms/spaces we plan to visit are: the kitchen, the breakfast room, the living room, the great room, the dining room, and the deck. I may need to drink my last Morning Recovery after this. Good thing my matter on tomorrow morning’s motion docket was resolved. Now I can sleep in/sleep off my hangover, if necessary.
  3. The weather is gorgeous today, as it was yesterday. I hope this pattern continues. The dreary weather of the last couple of weeks has been adding to our overall depression and fatigue. I like getting out to do walks. Last night, we were able to grill the salmon. We plan to clean up the deck furniture today so that we can sit outside and drink some IPA. Life feels brighter today.
  4. D is furloughed for the next two weeks. His company is trying to avoid lay offs – so everyone has to take two weeks unpaid. He has some stuff he plans to do around the house, but he has also decided to attempt to watch all of the Marvel movies in chronological order. I say attempt, because it is really sort of a chore. I know a lot of people love these movies, but we are not really those people. I, in particular, really have nothing good to say about them. I have only seen the ones released prior to May 2012 (before I left my ex), because my ex was fucking obsessed with them. Anyway – I’m watching along with him when I’m available (emotional support lol). I saw the first thirty minutes of Iron Man, which was always my favorite. He watched Captain America alone over like 28 hours (lol) – though I caught the last 15 minutes last night – and UGH I hate Captain America. Then we started Captain Marvel last night, and so far it is fucking dumb, though it was kind of cool to see Fury before the eye patch. Also – it annoys me how much I know about these movies from the days with my ex. lol. Wow – this turned into a whole thing. This is my weird thing I’m irrational about: much in the same way D’s ex has irrational hatred for DMB, I have irrational hatred for all things comic book related. haha
  5. Moving on… we didn’t get all of our errands completed yesterday, so we have to go out today. We are making a trip to CVS (drive thru) to get my meds, and then a trip to Target. I’m hoping Target won’t be really crowded. Last time, it was pretty empty, and we were able to get in and out quickly. While there, I plan to grab an air fryer if they have any in stock.
  6. Yesterday, we drove down to the city so that I could grab some stuff/drop some stuff off at the office. The area (CWE) was filled with people milling about – not even trying to social distance. We drove by Forest Park and it was the same – the walking trails were packed. Then, last night, our neighbors had a small party. They had several cars parked in front of their place. During our walk, we passed a large gathering of people hanging outside around a firepit. Listen – I get it, I really do. I also want to hang out with my friends. I miss them like crazy. But we have to play the long game here. Ugh. It’s annoying. Whatever.
  7. My cousin, Bill, is sending me old pics on Facebook Messenger with some hilarious (to me) commentary, and it is making me happy. That will be the subject of it’s own post. I guess I should have lunch now, and get this day on it’s way.


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