today’s vibe: do not disturb

It’s only 11:30 am and I am already way over this day. I slept very little last night, and I feel scattered and impatient.

And then this happened (email I sent my staff just now) –

Lol. That explains why I couldn’t find it. Maybe I should just go back to bed…

So that 11 am IC – wowza. She seriously hasn’t paid her mortgage since the early 2000s. Now Shellpoint has sent her a letter saying she owes them $91k. She doesn’t understand why she can’t get more time to live in the house for free. I was like: can you pay the mortgage? And she was like no, but why should I have to? And, honestly, I just can’t today, so I was like lol bye. 
Also – happy admin professionals day. I hope you got your e-gifts. Thank you for all that you do. I would just retire if I didn’t have you two. You make this possible. 
We’re out out Diet Pepsi too – so idk how the fuck I’m going to make it through the next three consultations.
The upside: I’m having a quick Skype with one of my besties at 12:15.
I’m going to need a happy hour tonight.
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