I lost a bunch of hair this morning.

I’m getting my ass kicked workwise, but I guess I shouldn’t complain. I’m lucky.

I need to get my steps back up. I’ve been slacking due to not feeling well.

I’ve also been slacking at reading. Nothing is capturing my attention for long.

Iron Man 3 sucked.

Dave Matthews is performing at 430 central time, so we’re doing happy hour early tonight.

I think we’re watching some Thor shit tonight.

I’m sad Better Call Saul is over for the season.

I hope it stops raining long enough to walk the doggo tonight. I think I need those walks just as much as he does.

I have a hearing in 30 min. Guess I should prepare.

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  1. Iron Man 3 is by far the worst of the Iron Man movies. I think they flat-out ran out of ideas. There are stories about a massive re-write that saw a major character end up on the cutting room floor too – purely because they didn’t think the toy of her would sell.

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