Quarantine Life: Day 50

I have to blog about the 50th day, right? Feels like a milestone.

I started the morning off by sitting on the deck drinking Diet Pepsi and listening to Fetch The Bolt Cutters. The obsession continues. I covered all that in an earlier post.

Afterward, I hit the treadmill for a brisk three miler. I decided to read instead of listen to music, since I wasn’t running. I started Apartment 16, and it’s good so far. I’m into this Adam Nevill dude. Gonna binge read all of his shit, I’m thinking.

I showered. Headed upstairs to do a bit of work. Didn’t get far because the bankruptcy program was being glitchy.

D and I ordered lunch from Petrichor so we ran out to get it. I went inside this time because he forgot his mask. It was weird being in there. Everything feels so strange now. There were a few other customers doing pick ups, and none of them wore masks, which made me ragey. I’m sick of these selfish fuckers.

Whatever. The food was delicious. So was the beer.

We decided to do a movie day. We skipped Spider-Man and went to Black Panther instead, which we really enjoyed. It was probably one of my favorites so far. Then D asked if we could watch Midway, so we did, and I enjoyed it more than I expected.

We grilled brats for dinner. Then we did a three mile walk around the hood with the dog. The new step challenge has start, and there are new participants, so I have to up my game.

And now I’m in my reading nook, getting ready to dig into this book some more.

Not too exciting, I know, but still a good day overall.

Tomorrow morning the plan is to weigh in and start calorie counting. I definitely need to drink less. This shit is out of control.

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