the weekend agenda

I figure I may as well spend some time blogging while I sit here and wait on this fucking docket to start. I am so ragey right now.


Friday night:
It’s clear I’m not getting any exercise in today. It’s fine. I was talking to D about it earlier, and, while I feel compelled to really bring it for the steps competition, the reality is that I have cancer, and I cannot bring it the way I’d like. It is what it is, and there is no point in continuing to beat myself up about it. I will walk/run when I can, but this last week (of round 2) of Ibrance is fucking rough, and I can only do so much.

So if I ever get out of this hearing from hell, I plan to get myself looking cute for our evening plans. We are doing our normal Friday night dinner date (steak night!), but around 9 pm we have another swinger wine club meet-up on Zoom. The wines were delivered earlier, and they look interesting. 3 reds and 1 white. That will take up the rest of our night. Oh and there is a DMB show on Sirius tonight too. We will be listening to that while we cook and eat.

At some point, I need to go to Target and get some stuff (including the gift for K). Freya told me what she wants me to pick up.
I imagine we will be a bit hungover from wine night, so the plan is to be chill. We want to watch the next Marvel movie, which I think is Infinity War(?). We watched Ragnarok last night, and we enjoyed it. It was funnier than I was expecting. I really enjoyed the Thor and Hulk interactions. Also – Jeff Goldblum *swoon*
Oh and the kids and are I making another cake in honor of Mother’s Day.

Brunch, gifts, and being lazy is the plan for Mother’s Day. Mimosas!



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