Mother’s Day Morning

I woke up and got all fancy, because the one thing I wanted today was a nice family photo.

My outfit:

This is the second of my new dresses from Stitch Fix btw.

Family pic!


We unintentionally dressed alike, with the boys in gingham button down shirts, and the girls in white and navy polka dots.

Freya is wearing my dress. ❤️

Freya’s mom came around 10, so then/now it’s just me and the boys. We made breakfast. I made French toast before I realized that the milk was off. Ugh. Luckily, D came to the rescue with a lovely and delicious omelette.

And let’s not forget the mimosas:

And the presents!!

D got me some pajamas from Adore Me, but they aren’t here yet. Jackson gave me this compass necklace with a note that said, “Life is not about the destination, but the journey.”

After breakfast, I decided to change into something more comfy:

And returned to bed to read and nap and cuddle cats:

Yes, I brought the prosecco to bed with me. Lol.

And now I’m off to spend some time with the family. More later.


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