it’s tuesday, right?

  • Today is a roll out of bed at the last minute and attend the telephone hearing in my pajamas sort of day.
  • My neighbors are putting in a swimming pool and it is loud as fuck, which isn’t conducive to working at home. I’m annoyed with them. For a variety of reasons.
  • Due to all the cancer & plague bullshit that took over my life these last few months, I never got Sansa to the vet to be spayed, and now she is in heat. Woo lord is it an ordeal! She walks around writhing and yowling in an attempt to get some dick. I feel bad for her, and have been giving her extra love. However, she is currently in the basement because I can’t have her screaming for dick while I’m on a court call. Lol – can you imagine? The good news is that the vet’s office is back open, and she has appointment to be seen on Monday afternoon. Hopefully, she can get the surgery asap, because I am not about this life.
  • So apparently in 2020, the new thing is to get a free mask with purchase. lol. Can’t make this shit up!


  • So Apricity – this lady out in LA makes the cutest dresses. I bought one (obvi) and it was delivered yesterday. It’s more orange in color than it appeared in the pic online, but I’m going to rock it anyway and hope for the best. Gotta step outside your comfort zone sometimes, right? As an aside: my (bio) dad’s favorite color was orange. Orange always makes me think of him.
  • Saw this on Facebook today and got super excited. Guess it’s time to finally get that Disney+ subscription we’ve been talking about for months:


  • Last night, I did the first run for Couch to 5k. I really like the app. It’s the best one of these types of apps I’ve ever used. It kept me motivated, and I was able to do all the running. I’m going to do another run after the hearing today, then shower, and get my ass in gear for the afternoon appointments. It’s a somewhat light day today, for which I am grateful.
  • I really need to get some work shit done. My motivation is in the toilet, and that’s not good. I’m fairly busy – busier than most of my colleagues – so I need to get my shit together and crank out some cases.
  • The hearing is about to start. Talk to ya later.
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  1. I’m super excited about Hamilton on Disney+ but I hate that you won’t get to experience it in the theatre first. It’s so worth it.

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