Day 60 stuff

Ugh my allergies are bad today. I hate spring.

Also, my stomach hates me. Fuck you very much, Lexapro. And this is only the 5 mg dose. *cries*  I know I’ll adjust over the next few weeks, but jesus fuck… This better help.

The weather sucks. It is chilly and rainy and dreary and meh. It’s supposed to be much nicer this weekend, and thank satan, because I need to get out of this house for a bit – even if it is only to sit on the deck and drink some wine (in a fancy dress, of course).

I’m feeling the urge to do some online shopping. That’s going to happen.

My husband is starting to crack from this quarantine (and let’s be honest – all the cancer shit, too), and I feel terrible for him. It sucks when someone you love is struggling and there isn’t much you can do to help.

I talked to my rheumatologist this morning (phone appointment) for the first time since my cancer diagnosis. I was surprised by how upset she was by the news. She was really sweet, which was kind of weird, because she’s normally all business.

We’ve started watching The Twilight Zone around bedtime. Typically just one episode before we go to sleep. I’m into it, though I do sometimes struggle with how old fashioned it is. My how times have changed.

I want to start Dead To Me season 2 this weekend. A binge watch would be good.

I ordered Overtone in black a few weeks back, and it is supposed to be delivered today. I’m going to apply it tonight, and I’m hopeful that it will make a difference. My hair looks awful, but last time I dyed it myself I lost a bunch of hair, so I’m not willing to do that again. It won’t be dyed until it can be dyed professionally. I’ve heard that Overtone is super gentle, since it is just a conditioner, and that the color deposit is fairly good, so I’m hopeful. I need a win here, people; even if it is just a small win. I have no idea when I’m going to be willing to go get my hair done. Today my rheumatologist was like: all these drugs you are taking have seriously compromised your immune system. You need to be very careful.

Awesome. I mean I already knew that, but still.

I have a day full of appointments ahead of me. On the one hand, ugh, but on the other, yay, because money is good.

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