I keep thinking it’s Tuesday for some reason.

  • The kids are home again (yay) and they really like all the changes we’ve made around the house.
  • Tonight we ordered the wine rack. It’s being custom made, so it’s going to be a while before we get it. I’m super pumped to fill it up with wine!!
  • Next up: sofa table. We’re having a hard time finding the perfect one.
  • I skipped my run tonight and went on a chilly, wet two mile walk instead.
  • This is the last week of school. Doesn’t really seem like that big of a deal tbh.
  • It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means Monday is a much needed day off. I decided to take off on Friday too, so now I’m getting a little staycation. I need this!
  • Violet just bit me because I’m ignoring her. Apparently sitting on my lap isn’t enough. She requires my undivided attention so I’m outtie. 🤗
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