Monday (so far)

I had to go down to the office today to swap stuff out. That drive feels really long now, though traffic was still pretty good.


My employees are both back in the office now, which was their choice. I’m still working from home, and plan to do so as long as I can. I did put on my mask when I went into the office:

It’s weird af that masks are fashion now. They’re part of the outfit. This is the one my bestie’s mama made for me.

After I left the office, I made a quick stop at Walgreens in Chesterfield to grab some stuff I needed. Everyone was wearing a mask and social distancing. Good job. I may have bought a bunch of candy as well as four lip glosses. šŸ¤·šŸ»ā€ā™€ļø

Then I picked up the kids, and headed home, to discover that our table had finally been delivered. So this happened:

And this cuteness happened too:

Biz was very happy to see his best boy.

During lunch, I checked my email to find that the ex business partner had written me. His request is a reasonable one, and one I’ve put off entirely too long, so, in short: it’s time to dissolve the existing entity and start operating under a new name. It’s going to take some time to get it resolved, but I can’t put it off any longer. All of that shit went on the back burner when I found out my cancer was back.

{In the last 7 months I’ve had a business partnership implode, a terminal cancer diagnosis, and a pandemic hit while I’m seriously immune compromised. Also, my mother is dying. No wonder I’m so fucking stressed. šŸ˜†}

After lunch, I met with my primary care doc. She’s super weird, but super nice. I think I shall keep her.

Then I had to take Sansa to the vet.

She was not pleased. She’s getting spayed next Wednesday. Woot!!

I was pretty disturbed by the lack of masks and social distancing at the vet’s office. I expected more from them. Across the street from their clinic is a skate park, which was packed with teens without masks. Also, traffic was pretty bad. Guess it’s business as usual in St. Charles Co. Guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Fucking Trumper trash.


My cousin has been going through our grandmother’s things, and has texted me some photos she found. This is my favorite.


Happy hour starts in 20-ish min. I had a new tequila delivered today that we’re going to try. Yum. We’re making chili for dinner tonight. It’s the perfect weather for it: chilly and dreary. I can hardly believe it’s mid-May. After dinner I’m thinking a run followed by a bubble bath.

Later. šŸ¤—

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  1. First instinct at this post was to shout “stop being so bloody lovely”, but then realised it’s you, and given the situation, find myself wanting to shout “keep being you, you bloody lovely idiot” instead šŸ™‚

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