I bought the Shapiro MD DHT blocker hair system, and I’ve been using it for about a week now. My shedding has reduced significantly, and I am cautiously optimistic. It’s super expensive, but so worth it if it really works. *fingers crossed*

I’ve been the worst at keeping up with friends or even just responding to messages in general. I just don’t have anything to say. It’s not you; it’s me. I’m sorry if you’ve messaged me or commented and I haven’t responded. I’m in a weird place right now; just very in my own head, even more so than usual. I crave quiet and contemplation.

So I know I said I wasn’t going to drink tonight, but I drank tonight. Not a lot. Allow me to explain: D’s ex (K) brought us a bunch of mint from her garden on Saturday night. She also brought bourbon and explained she thought we might like to have mint juleps. Well neither D or I care for those, and today I noticed the mint was wilting, so I found a different cocktail for us to try: tequila lime mojitaritas!

Omg they were so good. We will definitely be making these again. Recipe here.

I went on an extra long walk tonight, and ended up seeing a fireworks show in my neighborhood – a rather impressive one too. It really feels like summer now.

I’ve been doing a lot of (online) shopping recently. Some house stuff, some necessities, and some clothes (duh). I bought two cute sun hats today – that can’t get here soon enough. I’m already noticing summer skin issues. Ugh.

D, Frey, and I watched Funny Farm tonight. I hadn’t seen it before, and it was funnier than I expected. Even the teen thought it was funny. I think Jackson would have enjoyed it too. I was sad he missed it.

I’m starting to feel anxious. It’s that time of night.

I’m not sleepy, but I’m exhausted. Does that make sense?

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