I’m happy to report that my husband finally blocked his former boss who is a fucking racist shit stain. More of my thoughts on this pos:

And this also happened yesterday:

I hit ignore obviously. The comment still remains, thankfully. I’m not going to blur out names. It’s time to own your fucking words, people!

Okay the ranting is over…for now.

My allergies are fucking awful this week. I’m kind of miserable. Nothing seems to help. This is why I love winter!

I may have to go to court on Tuesday morning – like actually get in my car, drive there, and go inside. It’s so strange to live in times where that now feels like a really big deal.

We have had a fantastic weekend. I’m sad to see it coming to an end.

I have a hickey! 😂

I’m behind on my running schedule so I need to get my ass in gear today. If I do two days in a row, I’ll be back on track.

I had more to say, but it currently escapes me. More later.

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  1. I posted something vaguely political on Facebook this week, and it caused all manner of people to climb out of the woodwork and go on the attack. The funny thing? The thing I shared was about mob mentality, and the spite and vitriol people are firing at each other at the moment… and they all proved it instantly 🙂

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