Hey, hey, Tuesday!

For some reason – it feels like Thursday to me.

Today is my husband’s birthday! He’s 47 – and somehow gets hotter with each passing year. We will be having a (family) party for him tonight. After court, I have to run to a couple of stores to pick some stuff up. I already went out and got him Jimmy John’s for lunch, because he loves that shit.

I’m so excited to show him his birthday present.

So yesterday was weird. The T-Mobile network was down nationwide for most of the day. This meant I couldn’t call any of my afternoon appointments, and I was fucking pissed, because now you’re fucking with my money. I set up a Google Voice account thinking that would help avoid similar issues in the future, and I was super excited about it, especially for court calls, until I realized that it has some real glitches that are problematic for how I need to use it. For example, if you access the keypad to enter in numbers (like I have to do to enter the access codes for court calls), you cannot get back to the main screen to mute the call – which I also need to do until my case is called. I hope they fix it soon, because I think it would be a really great tool otherwise.

My neighbors are building a pool. Apparently, they believe this entitles them to blocking my fucking driveway and the entrance to the fucking street. It has been going on for days, and I am so fucking over it.

I suppose I should sign off and pay attention to the docket.

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