I used to be too thin.

I can actually see that now. With eyes this big and a face that thin, I looked like a fucking alien.

Once, during my super skinny from cancer phase, I revived an anonymous message on Tumblr telling me I looked like the snowman from Frozen. *lol sob* But I totally see it now.

Anyway – I still want to lose the five pounds of quarantine weight, but I can honestly say, maybe for the first time ever, I feel comfortable with my looks. I don’t care about my weight so much; I care about my strength.I don’t hate myself anymore. I don’t hate my body. Yeah, it’s a treacherous bitch, but it has carried me through some shit, and keeps on keeping on. Is this acceptance?

Maybe I just realize now that time is too short to waste on worrying about stupid shit like my weight. I want to use every moment doing the things I love. Thanks, cancer.

You know my motto: the future is no place to place your better days.

Eat the cake.

Buy the dress.

Take the trip.

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