Well fuck…

My treadmill died today. When I went downstairs to do a quick run during lunch, it started making these crazy noises when I turned it on and began vibrating. Not good. It’s about five years old, was really cheap, and has been heavily used, so it isn’t surprising, but I’m bummed because now I can’t run unless I want to go outside. I hate running outside in the summer. BOOOOO.

I do have a super nice treadmill at the office that nobody uses. It’s mine, so I can bring it home, but that’s going to be an ordeal. It’s huge.

I’m not about to start going to the gym – not with all this Covid shit going on.

Fuck fuckity fuck.

I guess for the foreseeable future, I’m going to become an outdoor morning runner.

Motherfucking boo to that. lol.

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