Sunday Night Recap

  • I’m pretty sure I have a migraine, which explains why I have felt absolutely horrible all day. I think I’ve maxed out on pain meds. I also took a three hour nap, which helped, but I’m still a mess.
  • I feel like my illness kind of fucked up father’s day, which I feel bad about.
  • I found a movie I want to watch: The Lodge. I’m putting it here so I don’t forget.
  • We had a really fun night hanging with C & J last night. We really missed them.
  • Also – a decision was made: quality over quantity.
  • Vagueblogging. Lol.
  • I got fantastic news from my mom about her health. It’s starting to seem like maybe all is not fucked on that front, after all.
  • I’m not emotionally prepared to start a new week. Ugh.
  • I hope I wake up feeling better, because tomorrow we are celebrating Freya’s 14th birthday. Her actual birthday is Tuesday, but she will be with her mom that day.
  • I cannot adequately convey how awful I feel right now.
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