thursday thoughts

Pictures are easier than words nowadays.

I feel drained physically and sometimes mentally. As a result, I am behind in everything: work, chores, socializing, exercising. I find myself doing the bare minimum to get by. I’m taking some baby steps to help me (hopefully) snap out of it.

I canceled last week’s therapy session due to a migraine, and I have yet to reschedule despite her reaching out. See above.

I want to educate myself about real history. Not the white washed version I learned in school. I started “A People’s History of the United States” and it is fantastic so far. I’m watching the Ken Burns Civil War documentary. I’m trying to read more news and magazine articles. It’s a good project that’s keeping my interest. I have been lax in my learning for too long.

The kids left for the weekend earlier, and I already miss them. Some weekends I do, and some I don’t as much. I have a busy, fun weekend planned, but for some reason it feels hard today.

I’m just so tired.

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