Facebook observations

  • The swingers are usually the dumbest people around, and all seem to be pro-Trump. They all care about guns way more than they care about basic human decency/human rights.
  • Too many people equate memes with actual fact. Too few people fact check shit before they post it.
  • The chick who gets really bitchy really quickly is usually the same bitch who has a “be kind no matter what” meme posted on her page.
  • A lot of nurses are surprisingly ignorant when it comes to Covid-19 (and vaccines) – and a lot of them are spreading false, dangerous info. My neighbor is one of these fools.
  • The dirty delete is in full effect. Heaven forbid someone might just say oh shit I was wrong – and not delete the thread, so that other people can learn from it.
  • Too many white people believe the phrase white privilege is an insult.
  • Too few people are interested in stepping outside their comfort zone and being open to learning/improving themselves.
  • We need to normalize changing your mind when presented with new facts/information. I do this all the time. I don’t say this to toot my own horn. I try to be the sort of person who isn’t afraid to admit they were wrong. This is important for personal growth. Nobody is right all the time. Nobody knows everything. Pretending like you do makes you an asshole.
  • So many people seem to believe it is acceptable to enter a debate, state an opinion, but then add that they “don’t want to debate it,” which is fucking nonsense. If you can’t stand the heat, don’t come into the kitchen, baby.
  • Yes, you have freedom of speech. No, you do not have freedom from the consequences of that speech.
  • Conservatives are big on ignoring the question/point and instead saying, “But what about this … (example that has nothing to do with the original point.)”
  • Liberals are big on being condescending assholes who make it hard for people to back down even when they realize they were wrong.
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