I don’t know what’s wrong with me…

But I just cannot get motivated. I forced myself to get some work done yesterday, and I will today too, but I’m very meh about it. Everything I do right now is done reluctantly.

I’m still so tired all the time. Ibrance is kicking my ass.

I have court all day today – so I will be attempting to get through some shit while I sit on the phone all freaking day and wait for my cases to be called.

Honestly though – I’m glad for a break from consultations.

My email inbox is scary right now. Looking at it fills me with dread.

I think maybe I need a vacation. Obviously, it would only be a staycation, but it would be nice to just laze about for a week and take a mental break; though a solo practitioner never really gets a true mental break. I always have to be available in case some time sensitive shit goes down. This is the only thing I miss about having a business partner.

I’m tired of being tired.

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