Late night babble

It’s storming currently and it’s awesome. I love thunderstorms at night.

The downside: my cats are freaking out.

Speaking of freaking out, we haven’t been able to walk Bismarck recently, because he’s so scared of fireworks.

We have Jackson for the 4th this year, because my ex is going out of town. Unfortunately, we don’t have Freya, since technically it’s not our year to have either of them for independence day. But it is our weekend, so we’re going to celebrate on Friday instead, which is perfect since D and I are off that day.

I got the proofs back from my photo shoot and I hate how I look in all the pics.

What else is new, right?

Anyway – these are my top three:

I got a tool to help me make victory rolls, and it’s a steep learning curve. Lol.

I need some practice!

Here are some cute pet pics just because:

I didn’t talk much about my weekend.

Friday, after the photo shoot, I met the other Jen for lunch and cocktails. We went to a cutesy little creole place in the CWE.

Then D and I did our normal Friday night dinner date, which was awesome.

On Saturday, I ventured out for a mani/pedi and was super impressed with their cleanliness, social distancing requirements, and the service. I’ll def be going back.

On Saturday night, we hung with Nick, Nancy, and Carmen for a few hours. We all sat more than six feet apart. It was good to catch up.

Sunday we lazed around all day. It was glorious.

I’m already counting down the days until next weekend.

Monday was pretty meh overall. Here’s hoping Tuesday will be awesome.

It’s 12:14 am. I should try to sleep.

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