Challenge Month

I’m doing three health related challenges this month.

The first is another step challenge. I’m hoping this will get me motivated to start moving more. I’ve been pretty shitty about it the last couple of weeks – especially since my treadmill broke. Boo.

The second is a squat challenge. A fitness coach friend set up a Facebook accountability group and everyone has to post a video every day showing them doing the squats. If you miss a day, you get kicked out.

The third is a diet challenge. I think it’s called Ten Pound Take Down. It’s essentially a keto diet. I’m all signed up and ready to go, though it doesn’t start until July 6th. I’m going to go ahead and enjoy my carbs over the holidays, but I’ve decided to go ahead and start increasing my water intake now. I’ve been drinking way too much Diet Pepsi. This is going to be good for me.

There’s a fourth challenge (a photo challenge) that I’m considering as well, but you know how that goes. lol

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