all the small things

I weigh in every day – per challenge rules – and I’m already down 4.5 pounds after just two days.

My headache is mostly gone. Thank goodness.

My stomach still hates me though.

I’m wearing one of my new dresses today:

I see a judge at 3 pm (via WebEx) so I have to be appropriately dressed. This will be my first online hearing. Everything else has been telephonic. The bk court is behind the times, man. This afternoon’s hearing is a crim matter.

I went down to my actual office today to do a pick up/drop off, and look what I got:

I can’t wait to clean all the things!!

And this was delivered today:

Other things you should know:

D is getting me this bed for my birthday:

It’s going to go perfectly with the rest of the office decor. I enjoy lying in my “office” bed and reading/napping. I love having my own space. I’m excited.

And I think I want this too:

The squat challenge is a bitch!


This happened:


My one good firework photo:


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