hi, and high

I always smell good. It’s my thing. Right now I’m wearing Michael Kors Sensual Amber.

We walked tonight, and it is ridiculously humid. I hate it so much.

We’re watching Bar Rescue currently. It’s our guilty pleasure. This is the Rockin Rhonda’s episode. Rhonda is annoying af.


I love my Bizzy Boo, but he follows me around allllllllll day, and I need a fucking break.

I miss Bruno. (The bear).

Makes me want to go back to Gatlinburg. So many bears. ❤️

I researched some really awesome MO hiking trails that I’m excited to check out. But not now. It’s hotter than Satan’s taint. I’m talking about autumn hikes. Autumn is my happy place.

More weed, less beer. Weed is carb free. Lol.

Long story, but I ended up doing the Sally Up squats twice today. I’m feeling it!

I don’t want to go do cancer shit tomorrow. *sighhhhhhhh*

But I’m not going to lie: I’m pumped to be off tomorrow. I’m tired. In every way possible.

Happy Friday Eve. Happy almost weekend. Good vibes only.

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