Today is my Friday

I have treatment tomorrow, and I always take treatment days off if possible. I usually feel somewhat shitty after the Faslodex injection, though it has been getting better as I slowly adjust. I have a lot to talk to my oncologist about tomorrow. The pain from the hip and spinal tumors has become a problem – like it’s starting to interfere with my day-to-day life. I also need to discuss the nodule I feel in my cancer boob. Hopefully it’s nothing, but gotta get that checked out. Oh and I need to know whether I can have my implant exchange surgery that is currently scheduled for 9/4.

It’s always something. Sigh.

I have gotten really good at drinking all this water (a gallon a day!!), and my bladder is adjusting so I’m no longer running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. I convinced D to do this with me, so today is his first day.

Several of my friends have been giving me shit about “dieting;” saying stuff like “but you don’t need to lose weight.” That’s annoying to me. Just let me do my thing. It isn’t even that much about the weight. It’s mostly about my health. I cannot continue to pack on about 10 pounds a year and stay healthy. I need to be as healthy as possible to fight this cancer as effectively as possible.

*steps off soapbox*

The program emphasizes water intake and sleep. I really like that about it. I will admit I’m not 100% on point with the food list. I’m throwing a bit of my dirty, lazy keto into the mix. It’s still working though – as of today I’m down almost six pounds. I’m only 7.2 pounds away from my goal.

Still no word on my ex’s gf’s covid results. I’ve heard that tests are backed up for 2+ weeks though, so by that point it won’t really matter. I have a feeling Jackson won’t be seeing his dad in person for a while.

I have a lot of anxiety regarding schools reopening in the fall. I was up a lot of last night worrying about it. I really wish we’d hear what the plan is so that I can figure out the best approach for our family.

I feel off today – tired, bored, unfocused, and just generally meh.

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