I can be catty too, bitch

So this chick who is friends with D’s ex is in the same Keto group I’m in on Facebook. I’ve spoken to her before, and recognized who she was when she started posting (kind of a lot) in the group. I said hi, and offered support, and the bitch fucking blocked me. I feel like I’m in high school. You blocked me because I’m married to your friend’s ex? Seriously? You can’t act like an adult? What does it even have to do with you? This shit happened 8 fucking years ago. What a dumb cunt.

The funny thing is that I have heard (from Freya) about all the shit her mom talks about this lady – so it’s kind of humorous that she blocked me out of some allegiance to K.

Okay I’m over it now. I just wanted to talk shit about her. Lol.

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