hello, friends ❤️

I find myself in a weird place with blogging again. Sometimes it flows, and sometimes not. I’ve learned that forcing myself to do it despite it feeling difficult, can often be rewarding. So here I am.

Everything in my life currently feels either very heavy or quite silly. I don’t want to talk about cancery things, so let’s talk about the silly stuff.

Keto life is going well. I’ve lost 8 pounds since 7/6. Here’s some of what I’ve been eating:

While I dig keto, the challenge group I’m in just isn’t for me. I was going to get into why, but I don’t want to rag on it. I think it’s exactly what a certain type of person needs, and I’m just not that type of person. Nothing wrong with that. I’m going to finish out the month in the group, since I paid for it, but this kind of group is just not my jam.

I’m currently obsessed with the Unsolved Mysteries reboot on Netflix. I need someone I know to watch them so I have a pal to discuss it with.

I have a ridiculous number of medical appointments this week.

My birthday is this Wed. I’m off Wed and Fri. I was supposed to be off on Thursday, but I canceled it to make up for all the time I’m going to miss due to the fucking medical shit. Grr.

Thursday night, D and I have reservations on our favorite French restaurant’s patio, and then we’re staying the night at the Chase. I’m excited.

It’s insanely hot here in Missouri this week, and I HATE it.

D ordered my bed today, and I’m super pumped about that.

My migraine is mostly gone. 🙌🏻

That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m going to go lie on the couch and be worthless for the afternoon. I deserve it.

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  1. I’m OBSESSED with the new Unsolved Mysteries! I wish there were more than 6 episodes.

    • OMG it’s so good. I was so bummed when I realized there were only six episodes. Which was your favorite? I am obsessed with knowing wtf happened to Rey Rivera! That shit is fucking cray, dude.

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