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I am working today (boo), but I am off tomorrow. I look forward to a long weekend.

Tonight, D & I are having a night in the city. We have reservations at one of our favorite patio places, and staying overnight at the Chase. Birthday 2.0.

I have a feeling we won’t be able to go out much longer. Shit is getting real here in MO. In fact, the county we live in has the highest increase in cases, which is not surprising to me at all.

Back to my birthday: Birthday 3.0 will happen on Saturday night, when C&J come over. I’m excited about that, too.

I am spoiled.

At my oncology appointment on Tuesday, my doc told me that he is moving from my preferred hospital, and will be retiring next year. He’s going to introduce me to a new oncologist at my next appointment. D looked her up, and she is relatively new, which I’m actually kind of pumped about. I think I will have an easier time communicating with her. I would sum up my current doctor by saying he needs to talk less and say more. He always buries the lead with a bunch of blah, blah, blah, and completely confuses everything. It doesn’t inspire confidence.

He also told me that my case is going in front of the tumor board next week, which will review my current treatment plan. Neither of us anticipate them making any changes, given my current NED status. He also had blood drawn to send off for genetic testing to determine whether I have any mutations which would result in certain treatments being more or less effective. I’m happy about both of these things, as I’ve been wanting them from the beginning.

Bizzy went to doggie daycare for the first time since quarantine started. He was sooooo happy. He actually screamed. I don’t know how else to describe it. He gets to play all day, and he is staying over tonight, so that D and I can do our city date.

The plan for my day off tomorrow? Lounge about and watch scary movies – unless my husband has other plans for us. Maybe do some reading. I’m still reading A People’s History and recently started Mexican Gothic. I’m thinking about purchasing the entire Babysitter’s Club series as well, but it is pricey.

I’ve actually felt better since I’ve been off Keto. This happened last time, too. I don’t think my digestive system can handle it. It sucks, because it is such an effective method of weight loss. I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll try to eat lower carb, but not so low carb that I actually go into ketosis? Idk – I want to be fitter, but I don’t want to obsess over my weight. I look good, right? Right.

I’m not going to spend whatever time I have left hating myself, and I don’t want to waste time feeling bad for reasons I can control. I feel plenty bad enough without creating more problems for myself.

Also – that ass… I’m not getting any complaints. lol.

I really do need to get that treadmill moved to my house though. I should work on that tomorrow.

Okay – I am being boring now, and I need to pay attention to this hearing, so bye. Happy Friday eve!

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