Omg this has been a day.

This court schedule is fucking killing me.

And I really shouldn’t complain that I’m busy, because most of my colleagues are struggling.

We had a lunch for Angela’s 50th birthday this afternoon, just us four lawyer gals, and it was a little uncomfortable because they can tell I’m busier than them. Ugh I feel guilty about it, even though I haven’t done anything wrong. In fact, I’ve done things right, which is why I’m succeeding right now.

The reality is simple: ten years ago, when I started my own firm, I understood that internet marketing was the future, so I developed a kick ass website that ranks at the top of Google for all local bankruptcy related searches. This is how I get my business. (Well…and referrals, too. I get lots of referrals from clients.) Most of my lawyer pals have shitty websites with no SEO, and so their phones are not ringing. Bankruptcy filings are way down.

It’s kind of funny to remember how much shit people have given me over the years regarding my obsession with my firm site, but it is by far my biggest asset. It’s really paying off right now. I’m struggling too, but not as much as others in this market.

I’m thrilled it’s finally Friday. I am exhausted. I am cranky, and have been most of the week. I’m in a funk. It has rained all week, which has matched my dreary af mood.

If you’re reading this: I hope you have an excellent weekend. ♥️

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