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Looking at the upcoming visits section of My Patient Chart makes me tired. So. Many. Appointments. I have stuff scheduled all the way out into November.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have an ultrasound scheduled to check out the lump in the cancer boob.

On Friday, I have labs, see the oncologist, have my first Zometa infusion, and then my normal Faslodex injections. I’m hoping the Zometa is gentle on me and my weekend isn’t ruined by side effects.

Yes, I’m already dreaming of the weekend.

I’m exhausted today. I haven’t been sleeping well. I cannot get comfortable. I wake up sweaty all the time.

My head hurts again. Not like migraine level, but not great.

On the plus side, the weather here in STL has been unseasonably cool, and I’m loving it. We went on a walk last night, and intend to do so again tonight. I’m way ready for autumn. Honestly, I’m ready for winter. Christmas sounds good. I’ve turned into that person, apparently.

I need to get my shit together. I’m so apathetic recently. The only thing I really feel on top of right now is my eating and tracking. I’m in control of that, at least.

Work…lol. What a mess.

No motivation. Nada.

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