Hey there

We’ve been making plans. I send myself emails so I won’t forget.

I want to go to Frankenmuth in November.

My body doesn’t like Zometa. 🤢

I spent the entire day watching Good Girls upstairs in my fuck guest office bed. My frame still hasn’t shipped yet. Fucking Wayfair.

It’s funny how I was totes feeling myself on Thursday, and today I’m like eww.


I wonder if I’m out of white blood cells yet? I’m feeling a bit rough.

Two more days of Ibrance until a week long break.

This group is everything right now:

I had to block a creeper on instagram who kept sending me messages. He got all pissy and was like “why aren’t you responding?!” Fuuuuuuuuck off, bro.

Why are men?

Fucking wanker.

Flashback to yesterday afternoon:

16 years ago today, I got married in Santa Barbara. 8 years later, I was divorced. And today, I forgot all about it for most of the day. Time is weird.

Can’t stop thinking about Thursday night. 🥰

Later. 😘

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