A little truth

I’ve never considered myself a particularly good mother.

I’m not motherly.

Listen, I love my kids. So much. But I’m not a mom’s mom. I don’t pack fancy lunches or join the PTA. I’m not a joiner. I don’t make friends easily. You won’t find me baking for the bake sale or being a chaperone. Can I just send money? Cool.

Here’s what I’m good at: life lessons. I keep it real. I’ll tell you what it means to toss someone’s salad (like tonight at dinner haha). You wanna know the truth? I’m your gal. I’ll also be your ride or die. I’m always there when the chips are down, but I’m not going to be your girl scout leader or your band mom. I’m not going to tell you when to go to bed. I don’t care when you go to bed. You can stay up all fucking night for all I care, but you’re also going to school tomorrow! Live your life. Learn. Ask me anything. You need a ride at 3 am when you were supposed to be staying with your friend, but you’re out drunk with some rando instead? I’m your girl. And I won’t lecture you or ask any questions, because I know you already know – because you called me. And I’ll love you and support you through everything, because like I said: ride or die. I will die for my kids, if it comes to that, but don’t ask me for brownies for the bake sale, unless I can get them from the bakery.

That’s my truth. That’s me as a mom. For better or worse.



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